3 Most Powerful Sources of Marketing Outside of What You’re Doing Now | Angela Giles

Angela Giles
4 min readOct 26, 2020

Not only is it the most common way to get clients, but sales calls and prospecting is the usual way to find new clients for your business. You find leads; you call those leads, then try to close the deal. Sometimes, you even find yourself purchasing a service to do that for you automatically.

Sure, it gets the job done, and you do get new clients. However, it’s an expense that you can do without if you know these three excellent sources of marketing where you don’t need to spend any extra money to get new clients. First, we’ll talk about these three ways, and at the end of this post, I have a surprise for all of you so read until the end, or you’re going to miss out!

Go for recurring clients who trust your business.

Many entrepreneurs choose to go the fast lane route where you get a client, do the project, then move on to the next. You charge as much as you can to mitigate the costs of finding them in hopes that you close enough deals to make a profit.

It does work-don’t get me wrong. I’ve been doing that for ages before I tried this one method. Going for recurring business instead of having one-time clients.

Lisa does the usual strategy-spend money on ads and marketing, wait for clients to close, and charge as much as possible. Again, it’s a viable business solution, and it works for Lisa. She gets five new clients, charges them $5k each for her services. She’s happy; however, after the projects, she’ll then have to look for new clients again… so she spends for ads and marketing and does the whole thing from scratch. That’s scenario one.

Instead of doing what Lisa did, I opted to charge a tad bit lower, put more value in my packages, and focused on my core clients. These people are the clients that I’ve closed that are aligned with their business, they want to improve as much as possible, and basically, they want someone who can consistently improve their business (that’s my industry, so it varies if you’re in eCommerce, coaching, or a different business entirely. Let’s stick to this example for now.)

After completing their projects, they see an increase in their own business’ revenue and engagements, so they decide to commit. Instead of a one time project, each of my clients become regulars who pay my service monthly. The great thing about this is, they can…



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