How Setting up Your Personal Brand Authority Profile and Influencer Footprint Establishes You as an Expert so you can Sell a Premium Course | Angela Giles

Angela Giles
9 min readDec 8, 2020

Are you excited to share your knowledge by building a new online course? I’m telling you, creating and selling a premium course is a tough yet exciting adventure! The big question here is how to achieve long-term success. There is a lot of marketing involved in this-it’s not just interesting topics and module creation. Establish your personal brand authority and influencer footprint first. These are the things that will tell you apart from your competitors, helping you create a lasting, awesome impression in the minds of your potential and existing clients.

Whatever business or industry you are in, establishing personal brand authority and influencer footprint is essential. What makes you different and unique? Why should clients choose your brand? Have you ever asked yourself these questions?!

Personal Brand Authority is a Result of Hard Work.

When I first started as a blogger and entrepreneur, I also had a challenging time reaching out to my target audience. I realized that without personal brand authority, experiencing long-term success is just impossible. We all need to start from the bottom. See? Being an influencer and online personality is a lot of hard work, too. It’s a real job! In one glance it looks convenient and easy money, but it’s not!

Brand authority is not something that you can just assign to yourself. It is a product of a thorough planning session, determination, patience and recognition of your target audience. In everything that you do, keep your target clients in mind. This is the group that you want to influence for the better-the people who believe in you and your way of business.

Why Should you build your own personal brand?

Establishing personal brand authority is one of the most essential elements of marketing today. If you are like me who just started creating online courses, and want to…

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