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Angela Giles
5 min readFeb 12, 2021

Debt has never been considered as a positive aspect of finance. But when you think about the small business sector, you will be respected as an intelligent person who knows how to use debt smartly. Debt is a necessary part of your small business. You may need the loan to help your business to grow. But you have to maintain a limit regarding how much loan you should take out because the excessive loan can be a barrier to your business growth.

Why do you need a loan to run your small business?

If you need some equipment for your small business that can escalate your production as well as generate revenue for your business then the ideal way is to opt for a loan.

Even experts who are dealing with small business affairs support the fact that you need the loan obviously while you are in the venture of small business. A great advantage of small business loans is you can get it at a favorable interest rate.

What are the 2 direct benefits of taking out the business loan?

Usually, small business owners opt for the loan to construct their basic business structure because using the business loan may help you with tax savings and you can keep the business profit to you.

1. You can keep the business profit within your business surroundings

Many small business owners think that taking out small business loans means you will fall into the interest-payment obligation.

It is true but taking out the business loan may help you to retain more profit than if you opt for equity. If you use the equity option it means you have to share your profit with the equity holders.

There is nothing such as a profit-sharing option if you take out a business loan.

2. With the business loan, you can lower your taxes

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