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Angela Giles
6 min readMar 22, 2022

Like when talking to a potential client in person after a networking event, sending compelling sales emails can be a fun yet tedious business task. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a would-be client, so you need to make the most out of that opportunity. Don’t let them send that precious email to their junk folders!

What is a sales email?

Businesses usually send sales emails to promote products and services and discounted prices and new packages. A sales email is composed of six components: a subject line , opening line , your sales pitch , closing line , , and . But following this format doesn’t necessarily mean that your sales email will get noticed and opened.

Email marketing campaigns are only effective when implemented strategically. So how do you convince the reader to read it and take action?

How to Write Sales Emails That Generate Quick Responses

1. Reach out to the right audience

One problem many marketers and business owners currently face when writing marketing pieces is that they don’t really know who they’re selling to and writing for. So whether it’s for email marketing or any other campaign, connecting with the right people should be a top priority.

2. Write engaging subject lines

3. Keep it short and simple

Most of the professionals we send emails to are constantly preoccupied, dealing with jam-packed schedules and hundreds of emails. Thus, writing a lengthy, complex email may not give you the desired result. Instead, they’ll just ignore it, delete it and move on to other tasks.

Keep your message short and simple. Go straight to the point. Depending on the message, use bullet points to make your statements even more digestible. Avoid using highfalutin words and long technical specifications. Every sentence should have a friendly, conversational tone.

4. Include fun twists to build rapport



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