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Angela Giles
6 min readApr 5, 2022

Social media have long been a part of our personal and professional lives, helping us get in touch with our loved ones and grow our businesses. And fortunately, these sites aren’t going away anytime soon. Social media platforms, Instagram included, are constantly evolving and introducing new features to keep more content coming.

Instagram Reels is one of the features recently introduced to the ever-thriving social media landscape. More and more content creators, marketers, and entrepreneurs are using this new feature for more visibility and discoverability. If Instagram Reels is not yet part of marketing, you’re missing out on many opportunities.

Make Instagram a part of your marketing strategy today.

What is Instagram Reels?

Creating reels is not just a marketing task but a creative project! You can use stickers, captions, cute backgrounds, and more to produce something that perfectly embodies your brand. Reels can easily be accessed through a scrollable tab on the Instagram app’s home page.

Why Use Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels help brands gain better audience engagement and brand awareness and can even make you even go viral on the platform. It offers users an extraordinary chance to introduce themselves and the stories behind their business.

By creating and sharing Reels, you’re most likely to boost your online visibility and gain more engagement from your target audience. What makes you different from your competitors? Reels can help you stand out from the rest and highlight what you do best. Yes, even a video that’s only around a minute long may contribute to your long-term success!

How to Use Instagram Reels: Tips and Tricks

Don’t know how to start? Consider Instagram Reels as a trailer of a promising movie, that is, your business. Think about how you can showcase your brand values and personality in this format, in a way that is different from, but aligns with Instagram Stories and feed content.

1. Introduce Yourself and Your Team

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