TikTok for Entrepreneurs: Best Practices That Will Increase Sales and Visibility — Angela Giles

Angela Giles
6 min readMay 5, 2022

What is TikTok?

Millions of influencers, brands, and content creators now use TikTok to express themselves, further their online presence, grow their following, and monetize their videos.

TikTok For Business: To-Do List

1. Watch Videos

If you just joined TikTok, don’t jump into content creation right away. Instead, take the time to look around and see what other entrepreneurs in the same industry are doing in this part of the online world. View their profiles and check how they set themselves apart from the rest. Moreover, explore in-app filters and tools before officially recording your first ever video.

2. Create Videos

It’s time to create videos and share them with your followers! Should you upload it to the app or record it in the app? This part can be a bit overwhelming for you as a newbie since there are so many audio and visual effects that you can incorporate into your work. Apart from those in-app options, there are third-party apps that you can use to add more exciting elements to your videos.

3. Interact with People

Never miss the chance to interact with followers, potential clients, and fellow business owners. Follow their accounts and leave comments on the videos you loved the most. Consequently, you can respond to other people’s comments on your video and pin your favorites. Just press on the comment you’d like to pin, then tap Pin comment!

4. Spend Virtual Coins

TikTok Coins are in-app currency paid for with real money. Audiences use it to buy virtual gifts during live streams to show their appreciation for their favorite content creators. Once received, the gifts become Diamonds that creators can exchange for cash and withdraw through their PayPal accounts.

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