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Angela Giles
8 min readMay 20, 2022

The social media world is rapidly evolving, constantly introducing new features that encourage users to make more content, engage with more people and build new relationships online. One of the latest developments in the digital landscape is TikTok Stories, TikTok’s response to Instagram Stories, a feature that allows users to post short videos that disappear in 24 hours.

What Are TikTok Stories?

TikTok Stories is a feature introduced only in March 2022, but it’s clearly nothing new. It’s the very same feature we have seen on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Basically, it allows audiences to view and respond to short videos or photos for 24 hours. Those who have posted TikTok Stories have a blue circle on their profile pictures. All you need to do is tap on their photo to view them.

On Instagram and Facebook, people can only respond or send a comment to the person who posted the story. What sets TikTok Stories apart is that it’s possible to like them and leave comments that are visible to the public. You can see how many viewed your story but cannot check the names of those who viewed it.

Like regular TikTok videos, these stories show up on TikTok’s For You Page as suggestions to users looking for similar content.

TikTok for Business: Start Marketing on TikTok Stories

TikTok Stories is a gamechanger for content creators, marketers, and business owners who want to market their offerings in a more engaging, unique manner. Since it only lasts for 24 hours, people who get to view them will somehow feel special since they are given access to something that won’t be available in the next few days.

As a result, more users are sure to wait for your updates or risk being left behind. Take advantage of this and show potential clients how valuable your products and services are.

TikTok Story Ideas for Entrepreneurs



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